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02 May 2020 20:38:39
Mayweather vs maidana 2nd fight. Great watch.

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03 May 2020 07:33:09
You know I just got done watching the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight and I have to say, Mayweather totally schooled him. For some reason I remember the fight being a lot closer than it was, but I only scored 2 rounds for Pacquiao, round 4 and round 8.

I think now I appreciate his qualities more than I used too. He truly is an all time great.

03 May 2020 13:47:57
Mayweather just boxed him that night mate and Pacquiao didn't have an answer. What had worked for him in previous fights wasnt working and he couldn't adjust. People say Floyd run but he actually threw and landed more punches than Pacquiao. It wasnt a particularly exciting fight but imo that was down to Pacquiao not having an answer.
I think Mayweather will be rememberd better in years to come. The boxing writers of today all grew up watching fighters in the 90s and 80s so naturally they will remember them more fondly. The boxing writers of tomorrow will all have grew up watching Mayweather.



01 May 2020 18:01:48
Eddie Hearn says boxing to return behind closed doors end of July start of August. First fight likely to be Whyte vs Povetkin.

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02 May 2020 17:30:41
He was saying about some attacked nextgen shows too in another interview.

02 May 2020 18:27:26
Stacked* was using my phone, stupid auto-correct ¬_¬ lol.

02 May 2020 20:41:50
Dont see much difference between boxing in a empty arena and boxing in Saudi Arabia mate. Where most big fights will be in the coming years.

03 May 2020 07:35:45
I could see some fighters thriving in that kind of environment and others being really lack luster. Some fighters play up to the crowd and really draw psychological energy from it, where as others wilt under a huge crowd. David Price is a good example of this, apparently he's an absolute monster in the gym and rarely loses rounds, but his anxiety gets to him in big fights and he gasses/ crumbles.

Who knows, Price might win a world title if it stays without crowds! Lol.

03 May 2020 13:54:47
Some fighters r a lot better in the gym and can't produce it on fight night, as you say mate the pressure gets to them. Some fighters snap out of it like Johnny Nelson and others don't like big Price. I think Fury and Bellew have both said that David Price really hurt them in sparring b4. The difference with big Price for me is that he's lost both in front of a large crowd and also in front of afew hundred people in a near empty stadium, like when he lost to Sergey Kuzmin on the under card of Joshua vs Povetkin.
That's what I think boxing behind closed doors will be like, the fights at the beginning of a huge card. I'm looking forward to it of it does happen, I think it will be interesting to hear the corners reactions during the action.

03 May 2020 19:49:05
Sounds about right mate, although I think the first fights on British soil will be completely empty, aside from event staff, medical personel and perhaps some major media outlets. You may see some immediate family be some form of crowd but any more than that will be unlikely.

You're also right about Price, he's just destined to be beaten up and knocked out at the higher levels. He should retire really, given the knock outs he's had have all been pretty bad ones. Especially against Teper and Povetkin those were nasty.

In other news Bob Arum has been talking about Joshua vs Fury perhaps in China. Big red flag for me - I think until these coronavirus investigations are concluded, China should be out of the picture in terms of hosting events.

04 May 2020 14:06:03
Personally I think Joshua Vs Fury is going to happen in either Vegas or Saudi Arabia if I had to pick one I'd say the Middle East. Sad really that we will not see it on British soil.
Bob Arum has been trying to enter into the chinese market for years as boxing has become increasingly popular in China. I don't think this fight will end up there mate and agree I wouldn't want it to be held there. Although in the future we could see some big fights being staged out there. It's all about the money mate.

29 Apr 2020 23:22:59
Good watch.

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30 Apr 2020 23:14:08
Watched this earlier. Was interesting, Bellew seems to be itching to fight lol.

01 May 2020 13:36:14
Hes going to kill someone in that SAS show. Lol.

24 Apr 2020 14:48:29
Amir Khan really does say some stupid things I think the guy is abit of an air head. He said that if Canelo and Floyd were to fight now then Canelo would win. Floyd has been retired for 5 years lol that's like saying if Callum Smith was to fight Roy Jones jr now smith would win.

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24 Apr 2020 16:56:23
Some people have been saying that he's taken too many punches, but he was stupid before he became a chin meme. He's always said and done strange things, like that time he was caught exposing himself on webcam to a transgender. I honestly don't understand what his thinking process is.

24 Apr 2020 17:32:49
Yeah I remember a video of him in America when he was about 20 and he was told the name of the Empire State Building 3 times and he still couldn't remember what it was called 5mins later.



24 Apr 2020 12:16:02
I think it sends out the wrong message when young fighters like Devin Haney can say racist remarks about other fighters and get away with it. America is so racially charged atm I think statements like what he said just don't get noticed as much anymore or maybe people have just got used to it. Boxing doesn't need comments like that but instead of punishing him they have rewarded him by reinstating him as WBC lightweight champion. Poor all round.

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24 Apr 2020 16:52:48
The reality is, comments like what Haney said aren't considered racist in same manner as the other way around. I remember Bhop saying it to Calzaghe back in 2008 and it became a meme. If Calzaghe had said 'I won't ever let a black man beat me' he'd have been chased out of boxing and probably out of the country.

The thing is though, I don't think Haney should be criminally punished for his words, nor do I think it should be criminally punished when the other way around. It's a slippery slope and as soon as you start passing laws against part of speech, it starts a dominos effect. Freedom of speech is important, and there should be social consequences for people stepping over the moral line, but not criminal.

As for the WBC putting him as champion, this is where I think the consequences should happen. Since the comments he should have it stripped. That's a social consequence and it's how it should be. There is no inequality in the boxing ring, the square circle judges everyone the same way.

24 Apr 2020 17:15:38
I didn't agree with the WBC stripping him of his title in the first place but b4 he was reinstated I was expecting an apology of some sorts. He is supposed to be representing the WBC as their champion.
Alot of fighters have said racial comments in the past I don't agree with any of it. I wasnt raised that way. Although the punishment is not the same for everyone, big Tyson Fury is still getting called sexist and homophobic for something he said 5 years ago and then u have people like Freddie Roach saying anti semitic remarks and not facing any punishment. I'm not saying ban them but they should all be held accountable in the same way.

23 Apr 2020 20:54:26
Is canelo at his peak right now? I'm watching him fight GGG and I'm thinking that's him at his best, but if he's at his best there then that means he's on the slide now. What yous think?

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23 Apr 2020 21:04:26
GGG and Canelo what a couple of fights. These two could have mixed it in any era.

24 Apr 2020 07:36:47
I think that's all dependent on Canelo's motivation. There's always room for improvement and at 29 you'd expect him to have about 2-3 more years of improvement, then start to slow down at around 31-33. However, Canelo has already have 56 fights and has been professional since he was 15. He's not been in many wars due to his style, so he's probably still got miles on the clock.

Is there anything else he can really achieve? Has he been undisputed?

I personally have Golovkin and Canelo at 1-1. With Golovkin taking the first fight and Canelo the rematch, I'm not particularly interested in a 3rd fight though. Golovkin has started showing his age, plus he'll never win a decision over Canelo.

24 Apr 2020 12:03:08
Totally agree mate about his motivation and that he hasn't took much punishment. I think that's down to his defensive skills and good match making. Agree he still can improve he's only 29 alright he's had a serious amount of fights like u said mate but Mexicans always have loads of fights. I think moving between weights could be the start of his down fall. Going to be very interesting to see how he readapts back to the super middle division. I also wonder just how much the GGG fights took out of canelo both physically and mentally. He held 3 of the r belts at middleweight but never undisputed champion mate.
There are fights for him at super middleweight and maybe he waiting on some big names moving up from welterweight and light middleweight which would give him afew decent big name opponents in the future.
I first seen signs of GGG slowing down against Brook, I think if Brook was natural middleweight he could have knocked GGG out that night he was landing flush. Although, GGG did end Brook as a fighter. I don't think GGG was at his best against Canelo and thought he lost both fights. The scoring was ridiculous though. I have interest in watching a 3rd as I believe canelo would stop him now.

24 Apr 2020 13:48:08
No interest in 3rd fight.

24 Apr 2020 17:08:51
I don't think anyone, let alone Brook would have ever knocked out Golovkin at that point in his career.

There was a moment in the first Canelo fight, where Canelo was backing up against the ropes and he hit Golovkin with a scud missile and it did nothing, you could visible see the shock in Canelo's face when Golovkin was still stood there. That shot was so hard that it would have killed an elephant.

Then later on at 3:15, there is a 12 punch combination from Canelo, where I think I counted 8 landing solidly and he's still coming forward, so even combination punching wouldn't have knocked him out.

I think it's possible Canelo could stop him in a 3rd fight, but that would be the only 'reason' to watch that fight, to see Golovkin possibly get stopped for the first time. But even then, I'm not entirely sure he would. I mean we know Golovkin won't get any decent decision, plus he'd probably get disqualified if he knocked Canelo out for some convoluted and totally insane reason.

24 Apr 2020 17:45:55
Brook not a natural middleweight mate although I do agree GGG has a great chin. I have seen him hurt to the body on afew occasions. What about Canelos chin? Both men could take a punch.

24 Apr 2020 18:40:11
Ed018 if u r about mate, do u think Julian Jackson would have had the power to ko GGG if he caught him flush? I remember u saying he was one of your favourites.

{Ed018's Note - I think so. I think that would be a good fight and I think GGG would have to box to win. I think Jackson would get him in a slugfest. I don’t know what it is with GGG but there have been quite a few times I just wasn’t impressed by him}

25 Apr 2020 11:42:18
Have to be impressed with the toughness of GGG although he seems to eat every punch his opponent throws, I don't think he could have took shots flush from Jackson.
I always thought a good boxer who threw straight shots could beat GGG.

15 Apr 2020 23:02:20
Love listening to the man. Cus D'Amato - Philosopher's Mentality (Featuring Young Mike Tyson)

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17 Apr 2020 08:59:04
Good video that, shows a real incite into the mental aspects of Boxing, which are massively under appreciated by the more casual fans.

This is one of the biggest problems with the casual fans, and why they so often refer to fights as 'boring'. They simply don't understand that the fight is only a small percentage physical but a majority percentage mental.

A good example would be the Fury vs Klitschko fight, my mother had no idea why I was so interested and enthusiastic about what was going on, but it was very clear to me that Wlad was scared for the first time in his career.

17 Apr 2020 12:14:43
They done a show together, think it was called round the table something like that and u could notice Klitschko was very uneasy in Furys company.

17 Apr 2020 21:06:07
I remember that, wasn't it for the rematch that didn't happen?

Also did you see that interview from Manny Steward down the page a little? He had an interesting take on Lewis vs Klitschko.

17 Apr 2020 23:25:41
Yes mate he's class. I watched that interview the night u posted it mate. Love listening to the legends of the sport. Good video mate.

15 Apr 2020 19:50:51
Mike Tyson

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15 Apr 2020 19:32:33
A really good interview with Emanuel Steward.

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17 Apr 2020 23:27:20

19 Apr 2020 17:36:07
Great to hear him speak about who would have won between Louis and Ali and why Ali was the greatest. Great video.

15 Apr 2020 11:31:50
Have to be honest and over the last couple of years Dillian whyte has started to really do my head in. He talks like he's beaten all the top fighters out there saying beating likes of Oscar Rivas and Chisora shows r good he is and putting down other fighters opponents in the process. Fact is he's had one shot at a title and was completely outclassed and stopped. He was then offerd a second shot which he turned down. Then there's the whole issue with drugs. Imo any of the top 3 fighters out there beat him and knock him out. I wouldn't mind seeing Wilder knock him clean out.

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15 Apr 2020 19:24:33
Whyte just says it how it is. he's a tough guy, got respectable power and is improving with every fight.

He has got the best resume outside of the champions and even has a better one than Fury. They're not all world class, but they are either gatekeepers or contenders sitting at the fringe world level.
He could just sit on his mandatory spot and fight compete bums but he wants a challenge.

Also, you'd really cheer Wilder on over whyte? Wilder is a God awful human.
Multiple domestic battery charges, drug charges, wants a body on his boxing record, jumped breazeale with a gang of thugs including his brothers, cracked an ESPN mascot in half on a live tv broadcast, tried to play the race card in both Fury fights, the list goes on.

Granted you can make a list for Fury, AJ and whyte but they've at least backtracked on those things. Wilder hasn't.

16 Apr 2020 12:00:16
Whyte can be funny and make me laugh but as I've said b4 he's miles behind the top fighters in the division. What is annoying me about whyte is him coming out and putting down other fighters, he says he beat Parker up b4 and he will do it again. He was extremely lucky against Parker as one of the knock downs he scored was a head clash and if that fight had of went 30secs longer he was getting knocked out. I don't rate anyone else on his record, Chisora 2nd best win and he's European level. Whyte banging on about beating Oscar Rivas tbh I've never heard of the man b4 he beat him and havnt since. The big Aussie he beat he was that bad Ricky Hatton has refused to return his call after the fight and he was his trainer/ manager.
I don't know if I'd cheer Wilder on against Whyte because as u mentioned that race card he tried to play against Fury did do my head in but he's not the first and won't be the last to try and use race to promote a fight look at Muhammad Ali. I also believe this attitude accelerated with wilder after he joined Al Haymon and PBC, maybe they think this will give him more publicity.
Personally I don't think Wilder is a bad person, he was a single parent who worked 4 jobs and boxed at the same time to provide for his daughter who suffers from Spina bifida he has also had a number of big fights fall through on him aswel. In 2016 he was signed to fight Povetkin in Moscow until the Russian failed another drugs test.
I'll not get into the whole domestic battery thing I don't know what happend but I don't agree with any of that crap.
The drug charges were someone smoking a joint in his car, it's hardly pablo lol. Breazeale imo deserved what he got, he threanted to kill Wilders brother at a Birmingham hotel I also seen him mention Wilders daughter in afew videos.
When wilder came over here for the Fury fight a girl who I work with said that her and her son met Wilder the next day at the Airport, she said he was a gentleman and was really nice to her and her son, personally I think it's an act with most fighters.
Like I said mate Whyte can make me laugh but he is starting to annoy me. He banged on about Wilder fighting Ortiz saying Ortiz at 40 years old shouldn't be fighting anyone but when he fights a 40 year old Povetkin he's a good 40year old. Lol double standards mate.

18 Apr 2020 16:20:36
To be honest mate I think you're doing Whyte a disservice. He's not technically brilliant, but he fights smart most of the time, has respectable power, arguably the most violent left hook in the division and is improving with every fight. Whytes biggest flaw is the fact that he sometimes over swings, leaving himself open to being counter-punched while off balance.

Comparing Ortiz and Povetkin is wrong on a number of levels.
1). Ortiz has fought no one except for Wilder and been put into another dimension both times.
2). Ortiz age is very questionable. Yoel Romero was on the JRE podcast and said that he's the same age as him, as he knew him from the Olympic set up.
3). Ortiz has been hyped up as a boogeyman of the division, yet has never shown any type of quality to cement that statement.

Povetkin on the other hand, is the complete opposite of everything in that list. He's fought good solid opponents through-out his career and only been stopped once. His age is verified and he's a former world champion. No one has ever claimed him to be a boogeyman or an avoided fighter.

Povetkins failed tests are also questionable. His failed test for the Wilder fight was for Meldonium, which was added to the banned list only a month (? ) before, it's also worth noting that the amount in his system was barely readable. This resulted in Povetkin winning a lawsuit against Wilder for over $3 million due to loss of earnings.
It's believed that Povetkin would have beaten Wilder, and therefore Al Haymon pushed the WBC to enforce the test results, even though he'd not been taking it since it was on the banned list. This is all rumours though, no confirmation.

Ortiz' failed tests are not so questionable, unless you go along with his age not being confirmed. What 38 (his age at the time, officially) year old athelete needs blood pressure medication, which is also used as a masking agent? Everything about Ortiz is off. Even his alleged esteemed amatuer career is shrouded in doubt, as there are no records of him at any international tournaments, except for one I believe. I think Povetkin beat Ortiz in the amatuers saying that, or it could be a different Ortiz (there are a lot lol) .

19 Apr 2020 15:52:16
My problem with Whyte is that he is constantly criticising other Fighters and basically making stories up. He has put down Parker, Breazeale, Wilder, and Joshua in the last two weeks. He said Joshua didn't want to fight him last April but the truth is it was Whyte that walked away from the fight.
Whyte is examining other peoples records so I'm just looking at his mate and it's not as good as he trys to make out. He says he's avoided by the champions but in reality he has had plenty of opportunities to fight for a title but he's turned them down. He had the chance to fight Pulev for the IBF mandatory position which he turned down and he decided to fight Parker for more money. He had the chance to fight Ortiz for the WBC 2nd mandatory position in 2018 which he turned down and fought Chisora for a 2nd time instead. He than had the chance to fight Joshua last year which again he walked away from.
U say he's improving with every fight mate but not imo. He was terrible in his last fight against Wach in Saudi Arabia. His win over Rivas was good fight and win but Rivas is hardly the elite of the division, b4 that he fought Chisora and he struggled and was getting beat until like u say mate he threw one of them big swinging left hooks and landed it in round 11. He always has an excuse aswel as to why all his fights go the same way and r so tough. Broken ribs, broken hands, shoulder injury he used the lot.
I have been saying this for years mate the problem with Whyte is that he's a ppv fighter, and that's the reason he walked away from Joshua because once Joshua beats him again he doesn't want to go back to fighting on normal sky show not as a ppv fighter. He wants the Wilder fight because if Wilder beats him he can still get the Joshua fight or ppv eliminator for Joshua.
It might sound like I'm hating on Whyte mate I'm not but he has had opportunities and he has chosen money over them.
The Wilder vs Povetkin court case if I can remember correctly was between Promoters? I think the money won was money Povetkins promoter had put down on winning the purse bids for the fight. I'll agree with u mate Al Haymon might have used this as an excuse to not make the fight but at the time Wilder was signed to fight Povetkin in Moscow.


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