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29 Nov 2021 16:15:47
Khan vs Brook is going to happen now they're both out of world level contention.

Have no interest in this fight any more, Khan is only taking the fight because of how easily Crawford knocked Brook out, so he thinks he can actually win now.

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29 Nov 2021 18:54:47
Yeah agree, Khan has no where else to go. Might aswell cash in on the only pay day left. They r both shadows of their former self's, if it had of happened in their primes I think Brook would have knocked him. At this stage in their careers anything could happen in this fight, Khan could land afew punches and Brooks eye could go, I don't even think bragging rights is on the line here they r both so far gone.

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28 Nov 2021 11:21:18
Karma is a muthafker. Fair play Kambosos deserved the win. As for Lopez, this is what he gets for avoiding the lomachenko rematch. I'm fed up with these fighters not fighting each other and walking about like they r the second coming of sugar ray. Maybe now Lopez will be willing to get in the ring with some of the other guys in the lightweight division, just hoping the likes of Garcia and Haney accept the challenge now. Hope Kambosos doesn't give him a rematch he doesn't deserve one.

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28 Nov 2021 17:57:31
Ever since Lopez beat Lomachenko, he's been walking around like he's Gods gift to the world. So this will likely do him some good.

I'd also like to give a Pulev a mention, he fought Frank Mir in a 'hybrid' Boxing match which was punches only but you were allowed to hit and hold with MMA gloves in a triangle (yes the ring was a triangle). He could have done some real damage to Mir but backed off when he was out on his feet. True class.

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29 Nov 2021 14:52:49
I seen that Pulev knockout. One of them mma fighters is going to get killed if that circus continues.

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29 Nov 2021 16:38:46
I agree. Boxing is far more punishing than MMA in terms of it's lasting effects and also the stamina required to fight as long as they do.

MMA fighters are obviously skilled, but they don't carry that pedigree like a Boxer does. They will concentrate on all areas where as Boxing is just punching, so they can hone those skills to the highest level.

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20 Nov 2021 22:38:59
So I am a little bit surprised what I've just read on SkySports.

"Riakporhe is now the mandatory challenger to the WBC cruiserweight championship - held by Ilunga Makabu, who is set to first be challenged by Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez."

"The governing body have given Canelo the chance to challenge their champion Makabu, in a shock raid of a fifth division for the Mexican superstar."

This can't be serious?

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21 Nov 2021 14:09:15
They announced this at their convention in Mexico during the week mate. Think canelo being their franchise champion they can do it. Also heard they r lowering the cruiserweight limit to 190lbs. Its to force more boxers into the new bridgeweight division.

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18 Nov 2021 21:00:06
Crawford v Porter. Like both of them but going for Bud to stop him in the championship rounds. Any predictions?

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20 Nov 2021 22:36:08
Porter's style is the ugliest style in the game, I really dislike it. But he is a dog and he'll just keep coming.

I think Crawford via UD.

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21 Nov 2021 07:15:35
Good call.

Kenny Porter stopped the fight from continuing after the 2nd knockdown, interesting. Didn't actually see the fight just the stoppage, Porter didn't look hurt on the 2nd knockdown but the commentators didn't make anything of it, other than the fact that it's Porters first time being stopped.

Will have to watch the whole fight a bit later.

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21 Nov 2021 14:13:23
Didn't agree with stoppage, I've seen afew videos of Kenny where he looks and gets on like a dick. He said after Porter didn't prepare right, seemed to me the stoppage was punishment for that not tactical.

Crawford was excellent, joy to watch when he puts his hands together. Forget about Spence for the meantime, imo they should build up Ennis for the showdown with Bud end of next year.

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06 Nov 2021 19:24:29
Anyone give Plant a chance tonight?

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07 Nov 2021 02:13:37
I've honestly not seen much of Caleb Plant. He's beaten some decent guys and just watching a few highlights it's clear he's got skills but he shows off a bit.

I suspect he'll get hit early on and then go into survival mode. But that's only basing it on what I've seen from Canelo, not Plant.

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07 Nov 2021 14:17:35
I'm the same mate. Watched afew highlights of him on YouTube and he looked like the second coming of Roy Jones Jr. Still haven't seen fight from last night. Canelo just unbeatable at super middleweight.

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07 Nov 2021 19:52:04
Canelo was always in control and I thought while watching that it was going to finish in the 4th. Plant was taking in deep breaths in the corner and looked a bit shaken at the end of the 3rd. Not hurt but he looked demoralised.

He did well though, backed Canelo up a couple of times and it looked like Canelo started to slow down from the body punches too but he's just a different level altogether.

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10 Nov 2021 17:42:05
Finally seen it. Canelo is a beast, so strong. don't think he's a concussive puncher but he throws heavy thudding shots and his power carries through the whole fight. He seems to just drag them into his type of fight. Plant done OK but he just didn't have the power to stop canelo walking forward but don't think anyone has the power to stop him from doing that, he's so strong. To beat him u have to be a masterful boxer like Floyd, that's only way I see anyone beating him but no1 capable of doing that, and canelo is so much better now than when he fought Mayweather. Great fighter, be interesting to see which direction he goes now.

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30 Oct 2021 20:35:59
Just watched the Joshua v Usyk fight back for the first time and I'm going Joshua to win the rematch. For me watching this it's 99% mentality with Joshua.
People blaming the corner which is fair enough but imo Joshua went into that fight wanting to box. He calls the shots. He sorts his mind out he wins imo.

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05 Nov 2021 17:11:21
Yea, he can certainly win the rematch but he needs to brawl not box. I think everone in the World knew that before the first fight - Except for Team AJ.

I'm guessing that the rematch won't go the distance, can see it ending in a stoppage, just not sure which way.

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06 Nov 2021 17:47:41
I watched a video by a youtube channel called Rummy's Corner that was asking the question on whether he could win a rematch.

He made a point that I've not really picked up on before and that is AJ doesn't change up during a fight, he doesn't go to a plan B. All of his adjustments are done pre-fight in the training camp.

If you look at the fights where he's had trouble you can see it's true. Whyte, Wlad, Ruiz and Usyk he stayed the same throughout each fight.

This is a big red flag when you are coming up against a mastercraftsman in Usyk, who will have several gameplans at the ready and has regularly made multiple adjustments in his fights.

Joshua needs a concussive knockdown at a minimum early on to get a conclusive victory. But we all know this will result in a 3rd fight if he wins right?

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06 Nov 2021 19:24:14
Agree with both of yous, he needs to hurt usyk and early.

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27 Oct 2021 19:56:31
Anyone heard of a secret match between Jack Dempsey and Jack Johnson that supposedly took place in 1921 in Canada?
It was for gamblers only and Dempsey after being dropped and on the receiving end of a beating managed to land a right cross and knock the 43 year old Johnson out.
No idea if true or not but read an article earlier that made a good case that a fight did take place.

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28 Oct 2021 19:26:59
Given the era and how things were back then. I would imagine a white guy knocking out the legendary Jack Johnson would have somehow done the rounds.

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10 Nov 2021 13:17:53
Thanks for posting this, never heard the story before but had a right good read of it since seeing this thread.

Still none the wiser whether it actually happened but a really interesting tale nonetheless.

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12 Nov 2021 13:48:23
Nps Steve mate. Was an interesting story.

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19 Oct 2021 09:45:31
Do you think the last couple of weeks was the peak for this current heavyweight crop? If Usyk beats Joshua again that's arguably the end of Joshua and the Fury fight. Usyk v Fury is good fight but will it grab the imagination and spotlight like what we had over the last couple of weeks? Whyte v Fury good fight in UK not going to grab the global attention imo. Wilder v Joshua is still an attractive bout or Wilder v Joyce but at the moment Wilder could walk away. How many more has Fury got in him? With no Aj no Wilder does he stick around?

Hopefully the next crop of heavyweights don't bring as much politics with them so we can get more of the fights we want. With the heavyweight division being so dormant its good to see it back and hope it continues.

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20 Oct 2021 16:45:53
No Joshua isn't finished if he loses to Usyk. Wlad had 5 losses on his record and is still considered the best of his era.
He's always in the gym and genuinely lives the life. He's got a lot ahead of him yet if he wants it.

Usyk vs Fury will be a horrible fight to watch for the casuals, but it will be special as it will be the two best heavyweight boxers of the era facing off. A lot of people are discounting Usyk already which given the way he man-handled Joshua, surprises me.

Wilder needs to retire, he's a joke. Moving on.

Joyce needs his shot within the next 2 years or it will be too late. His main assets are his chin and stamina, both are the first things to go (along with speed) when you start to regress.

Unfortunately for us Brits I think the next heavyweight era will belong to America. Our prospects don't seem to really have much behind them at the minute.

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21 Oct 2021 13:30:21
I think the only way we can better the last few weeks is if Joshua beats Usyk. Then the Fury Joshua fight will be as big as it would have been before Joshua lost to Usyk. As it stands its still a big fight and of course Joshua is a massive star so his fights will always attract a lot of attention. Although imo if he loses to Usyk again the Fury fight is still big fight but it won't be anything like it would have been if Aj had beat Usyk.

Some good match-ups still to be had from this current crop maybe they haven't peaked yet. Your right they r all knocking on abit now so let's hope they start fighting each other. With the way the division is now there is no guarantee any of the chasing pack will get a shot or how long they will have to wait for it. If the champs don't want to fight them they should do what the likes of Charley Burley and Sam Langford did when chasing the champions, beat every other contender out there. That's all they can do.

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24 Oct 2021 11:57:56
Absolutely, and to be fair that is more or less what Joshua and Whyte (to a lesser extent) have been doing.

Fury, for all his skills and ability has kind of conned the general public. He has only fought two worth while names in 4 of his 32 fights (Klitschko, Wilder x3), the rest have all been continental level and below. You could make an argument for Steve Cunningham to be included as a note worthy name, but he's no heavyweight.

That's not to say he's not the #1 Heavyweight because he is. He has skills that the rest do not, it's just he hasn't fought enough note worthy names to be considered a great yet. If you add Whyte, Joshua and Usyk to his resume with 2 of those being a win at minimum then he's an all time great. Add a couple more and you can put him in the conversation with Lennox Lewis.

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27 Oct 2021 17:33:19
Sorry hsf but wilder has more heart on his little toe than aj and it'd make more sense to me that AJ would retire. AJ won't brawl like wilder did, he hasn't the same passion as when he fought kilitshcko he's out on his feet and just in it for the money.

After the last fight with fury I feel wilder is a true warrior and would ko AJ in five rounds

I truly think wilder is one of the all time greats he just fought the greatest of all time.

And before you jump on me with the Ali Tyson etc. Tyson was 5"11 Ali 6"2. Fury is 6"9 so in my humble opinion fury beats both. Ali on points and he kos Tyson.

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27 Oct 2021 20:18:32
Imo u need to win more than a couple of fights to be labelled an all time great, there's an arguement that Mike Tyson shouldn't be labelled an all time great. All any fighter can do is beat who's in his time and Fury hasn't fought a quarter of the decent heavyweights currently operating.

Imo Fury doesn't fight Joshua the with the same strategy of the Wilder fight. Joshua is better technically and better fighting backwards. I believe Fury boxes on the back foot and waits for Aj to fade before stepping on the gas late, maybe he just cruises to a points victory.

Wilder vs Aj imo is a who lands first type of fight.

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27 Oct 2021 23:26:22
48 knockouts out of 49 is greatness at any level but I suppose greatness is a subjective term.

In my opinion greats would include holyfield, Lennox, shavers, even kilitshcko and I definitely put wilder on that list.

I respect your points and opinion Roro but on my opinion aj is levels below both and is around a Tony bellew, David price level for me mate. Barring the amazing fight against a 41 year old kilitshcko, AJ hasn't done much.

Apologies for my spelling.

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28 Oct 2021 19:26:18
So here is my full overview of Wilder for you Pete, just to explain where I'm coming from.

Early career:
For his early career he, like most other fighters fought against 'give me' opponents, as in give me a paycheque and I'll fall over for you. This is fine as I think in recent memory the only one or two not to do this was Lomachenko and perhaps Joe Joyce on a lesser extent.

He did what was expected and knocked them all out, but it wasn't without issues. He suffered his first knockdown against Dustin Nichols

And two fights later, he was dropped heavily by Harold Sconiers and thanks to Golden Boy (Wilders promoter at the time) the footage is absolutely no where to be found - scrubbed from the internet. Lots of places have claimed that Wilder was actually knocked out, but I've not seen the footage so I can't confirm it.

Mid career:
This is the time when fighters usually make a step up to either full domestic level or Continental level depending on their natural skill set. Wilder just continued fighting 'give me' fights. There isn't a single reputable name in his resume at this point.

Established as a contender:
While establishing himself as a contender, he continued to fight no one of note. There are a few undefeated fighters in the resume here, but they are carefully picked opponents, as you can see they went on to lose consistently or retired after losing to Wilder. These were padded records against another padded record.

It wasn't until he fought Malik Scott that he got his first credible name on his resume. But if you know a thing about Boxing and watched that fight, you'll know for a fact that Scott took a dive. A more blatant dive than Neymar.

Scott is the kind of fighter that stops fighting as soon as it gets a bit tough or as soon as the guy has a pulse I should say. Just watch Scott vs Chisora, Wilder or Ortiz, it's just a big fat joke.

In Wilders last fight before taking on WBC champion Bermain Stiverne for the first time, he decided to fight the mighty Jason Gavern. This is unacceptable.

Title reign:
When Wilder fought Stiverne, I watched it live and I thought Wilder had a bit of promise about him. He didn't show off, he stuck to a game plan and genuinely outboxed and beat up Stiverne. He got wild quite a bit, but I was of the impression that with the right guidance he could become a pretty impressive fighter.

Unfortunately he let it get to his head and in his first defense, he gets rocked hard against a powder puff Music teacher Eric Molina. Keep in mind, this is his 33rd professional fight.

His fight with Duhaupas was a struggle for him, a guy with a real solid chin who just kept his hands high and came forward. He gave Wilder hell and it was the first time we'd seen Wilder suffer a bit of a beating. He won via a TKO after Duhaupas gassed out, but he never went down.

Szpilka was arguably out boxing him until he walked onto a right hand. He's a much smaller guy and we've seen what lesser fighters like Kownacki and Chisora did to him, so this also looks badly on Wilder.

Arreola and Washington are tailor made for Wilder, they are essentially walking punch bags.

He then rematches Stiverne, who had been inactive for 2 years and magically got handed the mandatory slot for beating Derric Rossy (Who? ) . This was an obvious con job by that horrific state Don King and Wilder's team didn't protest. He flattened Stiverne in terrifying fashion and it was horrible to see.

But then he fought Ortiz for the first time and (perhaps because of my bias) I felt the fight should have been stopped at the end of the 7th. Wilder was gone and they even had the doctor come in at the start of round 8 to check on him. But he knocked Ortiz out once the aging Ortiz had punched himself out.

After this he fights Fury for the first time and commits the robbery of the century. I don't need to say any more than that.

His fight with Breazeale was just obviously going to end that way. Breazeale uses his face to block punches so it was no surprise that he got starfished. However Wilder got wobbled in the first exchange and Breazeale smothered his own work, which lead to Breazeale getting clipped and staggering all over the place, before being zapped into a black hole.

It's at this point he turns down a guaranteed $120 million and 50% of PPV revenue to sign for DAZN and fight Whyte then Joshua twice. He does this in favour of fight Luis Ortiz in a rematch for $1.5 million. I don't even know where to begin with this, it's such a stupid, STUPID decision. This is also the point where he brutally knocked out an ESPN Mascot live on air then striking a martial arts pose, leading to the poor guy in the mascot suit needing surgery on his jaw.

In the Ortiz rematch he was getting beaten up for 8 rounds, but then he actually showed some fight IQ and set a trap which knocked Ortiz into another dimension. Great knockout.

Wilder vs Fury II was just a concentrated beat down. Wilder was utterly destroyed leading to the towel being thrown in and the aftermath is just comical. The excuses, the accusations, the treatment of Mark Breland, just wow. Oh and who can forget in the build up "TO THIS DAY! " to Radio Raheem, trying to turn the fight into a race war.

He then gets beaten up again and knocked out brutally by Fury. He shows no respect by refusing to shake hands or acknowledge Fury.

But you know what they say? You find out who you really are in a Boxing ring when you're in a tough situation, you show your true colours. Looks like Wilder did just that.

People bang on about his 10 title defenses, but 2 of them were rematches, no unifications and let's be honest here, outside of Fury and Ortiz there aren't any credible names.

If you compare this with Joshua, who was a world title holder after 16 fights, unified on his 19th and 21st fight and his since fought top 10 contenders while chasing undisputed. Joshua has done everything he can to obtain the undisputed crown but each time he's been ducked or conned. So instead he's fought the best of the rest and mandatories. You can't ask for more than that from him. The only blip on his record in terms of opponent ranking after he fought Wlad is Takam, who was a late replacement for the injured mandatory challenger Pulev.

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01 Nov 2021 11:09:28
There's a lot more to it Hsf mate. It's just not as simple as take the money and fight on DAZN. Al Haymon and Finkle are big supporters of the Ppv model and with Hearns comments of world domination they r not to quick to give DAZN the biggest fight of the year and aload more subscribers at the same time. The same can be said with Joshua, he was offered 50mil for the fight but couldn't accept it because the money was coming from btsports who wanted to show the fight on their platform, something Hearn and Joshua couldn't do. The contracts aswell although Wilder used the excuse of no date no venue, they were heavily favored in Joshua corner like if Joshua loses he gets a rematch wilder loses no rematch. It was a non starter mate.

To be a great fighter or to be remembered as a great u need to be in an entertaining era and fight all the best of that time. That's near impossible to do with the amount of different TV networks and promoters.

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16 Oct 2021 06:53:21
What a clown.

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18 Oct 2021 17:47:17
They removed the video lol. Basically it was a video of what Wilder said to Fury in the corner after the fight.

"I don't like you man"
"no no, I don't respect you"

The rest was muffled and difficult to hear, but those two phrases were as clear as day.

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19 Oct 2021 09:34:20
Wilder missed a trick doing that. He had a chance to rebuild his reputation after that performance by just shaking Furys hand. At least he made a statement after congratulating Fury.
I don't mind Wilder, he talks a lot of rubbish and his excuses were annoying but he showed a lot of heart last week and watching him knock over 40 tomato cans was fairly entertaining. How he started his boxing career to provide for his disabled daughter was good.
Couple of things that really did annoy me about Wilder was he tried to make the Fury fight about race which is wrong and all that talk of wanting a body on his record was disgusting.

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20 Oct 2021 16:29:29
This is why I'm always so miffed when you have a dig at Whyte mate.

- Wilder has held the WBC belt hostage even when he was beaten clinically he still forced through a rematch.
- He's scuppered undisputed 4 times.
- Used other peoples names to build his own profile.
- He's fought absolutely no one of note except Fury and you could argue Ortiz who is older than the pyramids but still beat Wilder up over 2 fights before being KO'd.
- Ducked anyone with a pulse.
- Bring up race for no apparent reason.
- Punches a mascot on live TV with full power and proceeded to pose like a movie martial artist even though the guys jaw fell off and his eyes were still rolling.

Best of all, he has surgery after every single fight which means he gets a medical exemption for rehabilition steroids, then happily calls out other people for PEDs.

Wilder is just a flat out dick head and there is no other way to put it.

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21 Oct 2021 13:52:15
I agree with you about Wilder mate, I could make a case to defend some of his actions but tbh I couldn't be bothered and he doesn't deserve it. Guy is a dick like u say mate.

On Whyte I think you are referring to the time I said I would cheer Wilder on over Whyte? I take that statement back. Was probably in a mood that morning or had just read something about whyte that annoyed me. In truth if they did fight I would cheer on Whyte.

I don't mind Whyte, some of the stuff he says is very funny, his ring entrance is very good and his fights r mostly very entertaining. He doesn't half talk some bull but mate. Fact is he could have had a title shot if he wanted. I'm not buying the excuse of I was only getting £4 million. He choose money over the chance to fight for a world title.

Whyte imo was happy to be strung along fighting the likes of Lucas Browne on ppv. And was happy for Hearn and the media to throw out this myth about him waiting 1000 days for his shot which wasn't true. But tbf Whyte has took some risks and does deserve his shot at the WBC title. The povetkin fight was a risk and so was the Wallin fight which is now off. I hope now they can negotiate the Fury v Whyte fight finally.

I don't want to sound like I'm hating on Whyte, I honestly don't mind the guy it's just some of the rubbish he talks annoys me but suppose u have to get your name out there these days. I was gutted when Povetkin knocked whyte out and I didn't think I would be. Don't think he will beat fury but I do hope he can win a world title before he hangs them up. On form his a tricky night for anyone out there.

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21 Oct 2021 16:46:53
I think to some degree you're correct on Whyte in terms of him talking lots of crap but I will say he at least backs it up in the ring.

I think Early on in his PPV career what you say is correct but he soon picked up the level of competition in his fights, taking on Chisora twice, Rivas, Parker and Povetkin twice. They were all very good fights and in my opinion worth the PPV money.

Where as Fury and Wilder were all fighting sub-par fighters that more or less guaranteed them a win. You could even lump AJ into that bracket with defenses against Molina and Breazeale but it stopped there in terms of the 'low' quality defenses for AJ, he at least stepped it up and took on some genuine world level fighters.

As for the AJ vs Whyte situation I can't agree with you mate. Miller was offered $8 million to fight AJ and Ruiz got $7 million. Eddie confirmed they offered Whyte $4 million guarantee plus a small share of UK PPV in an interview with IFL TV shortly after Ruiz beat AJ.

Whyte hadn't had a full camp, was returning from an injury I believe and was offered half of what anyone else was. He was right to turn that fight down. He went into their first fight with an injury and a rubbish camp, naturally he wants to be as close to 100% ready when he fights AJ next because if he lost at that point in his career by KO, he would have been pretty much finished at the top level and just used as an opponent from that point on.

Now he may well have beaten AJ that night, I don't think there are many top level guys who would have lost to AJ that night, but that's just the curse of hindsight.

I'm fairly sure there are some games being played with Whyte and Wallin. Saying that I wouldn't hold it against him, he's been shafted by the WBC for god knows how long. If he wants to pull out with an 'injury' to later fight Fury. I'm fight with that.

Yeah Fury should in theory have a fairly comfortable win against Whyte. If he tries to maul him like he did against Wilder it could be a hard night. Irrespective, it will be Fury's most competitive fight to date I feel.

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23 Oct 2021 11:32:11
Think Miller was offered €8 million for a 3 fight deal with DAZN not just the Joshua fight but could be wrong mate.
Hearn said he offered whyte substantially more than he was getting for the Povetkin fight, he got £4 million for the Povetkin fight so whatever way we look it at Whyte turned down a shot at the title and his biggest payday to date.

Whytw ppvs not for me mate. Imo he's not a ppv fighter it's not even really his fault. It's sky and hearn who were happy not giving or getting Whyte a title shot for that reason u mentioned mate. If he loses he's not ppv anymore, I said it b4 Hearn is stringing Whyte along just to keep him happy on Ppv. The only fight of Whytes that was ppv imo was during the C.V. in Eddie's garden, just because it was different.

Like I say, I don't mind Whyte but he was happy for Hearn to keep feeding him the likes of Chisora as long as the ppv money kept coming in. That's why imo Hearn was reluctant to put him back in with Joshua. They put him in he gets knocked out again, can't turn round 4 months later and put Whyte on ppv again against say Browne saying winner fights Joshua again, it won't sell.

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27 Oct 2021 17:34:12
Heat of the moment, he's came out and wished fury well. Two brave warriors who fought like dogs until the death. Unlike AJ who taps out when the going gets tough.

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11 Oct 2021 17:13:36
Who do you think Fury will fight next? I would like to see him fight Whyte but I can't see it happening. Got big John Fury saying what he said today but I also think that Fury likes America. He likes training there being there and most importantly he likes fighting there and I think they will use the fact that Whyte is not a name in America to not face him.

Andy Ruiz is a name he could face but imo it's a tricky fight. Still think Fury would win but it's a tough fight for him and one he could see as high risk low reward.

I think he's praying for an Otto Wallin win. Easy enough defence and he has some sort of name in America which they could sell.

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11 Oct 2021 19:05:41
The WBC have been talking about Dillian Whyte fighting Fury, so I think providing he beats Wallin he'll get his shot finally.

Going on what I last saw from both Whyte and Wallin, Whyte should win with a stoppage in the later rounds. Wallin has a very limited gas tank but reasonable boxing skills, so if Wallin is to win it will likely be early on.

Andy Ruiz won't be fighting Fury any time soon, Not after the way Arreloa beat him up early on. He's with the right camp though and should improve a lot, so I'm sure we will see Ruiz fighting for a title again in the next few years but not just yet.

I think you are right about America though. The WBC are very keen to keep the belt on American soil, seldom do you see the WBC heavyweight world title leave American soil.

You can see that aside from the Vitali Klitschko reign, it's always been based in America, with the odd fight being sanctioned for abroad.

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27 Oct 2021 17:35:18
Honestly, why not just do a Mayweather and beat a load of handpicks until he hits 50 and 0?

I never see Tyson doing that though and I can see maybe Whyte AJ chisora before retirement.

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