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19 Oct 2021 09:45:31
Do you think the last couple of weeks was the peak for this current heavyweight crop? If Usyk beats Joshua again that's arguably the end of Joshua and the Fury fight. Usyk v Fury is good fight but will it grab the imagination and spotlight like what we had over the last couple of weeks? Whyte v Fury good fight in UK not going to grab the global attention imo. Wilder v Joshua is still an attractive bout or Wilder v Joyce but at the moment Wilder could walk away. How many more has Fury got in him? With no Aj no Wilder does he stick around?

Hopefully the next crop of heavyweights don't bring as much politics with them so we can get more of the fights we want. With the heavyweight division being so dormant its good to see it back and hope it continues.

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20 Oct 2021 16:45:53
No Joshua isn't finished if he loses to Usyk. Wlad had 5 losses on his record and is still considered the best of his era.
He's always in the gym and genuinely lives the life. He's got a lot ahead of him yet if he wants it.

Usyk vs Fury will be a horrible fight to watch for the casuals, but it will be special as it will be the two best heavyweight boxers of the era facing off. A lot of people are discounting Usyk already which given the way he man-handled Joshua, surprises me.

Wilder needs to retire, he's a joke. Moving on.

Joyce needs his shot within the next 2 years or it will be too late. His main assets are his chin and stamina, both are the first things to go (along with speed) when you start to regress.

Unfortunately for us Brits I think the next heavyweight era will belong to America. Our prospects don't seem to really have much behind them at the minute.

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21 Oct 2021 13:30:21
I think the only way we can better the last few weeks is if Joshua beats Usyk. Then the Fury Joshua fight will be as big as it would have been before Joshua lost to Usyk. As it stands its still a big fight and of course Joshua is a massive star so his fights will always attract a lot of attention. Although imo if he loses to Usyk again the Fury fight is still big fight but it won't be anything like it would have been if Aj had beat Usyk.

Some good match-ups still to be had from this current crop maybe they haven't peaked yet. Your right they r all knocking on abit now so let's hope they start fighting each other. With the way the division is now there is no guarantee any of the chasing pack will get a shot or how long they will have to wait for it. If the champs don't want to fight them they should do what the likes of Charley Burley and Sam Langford did when chasing the champions, beat every other contender out there. That's all they can do.

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16 Oct 2021 06:53:21
What a clown.

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18 Oct 2021 17:47:17
They removed the video lol. Basically it was a video of what Wilder said to Fury in the corner after the fight.

"I don't like you man"
"no no, I don't respect you"

The rest was muffled and difficult to hear, but those two phrases were as clear as day.

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19 Oct 2021 09:34:20
Wilder missed a trick doing that. He had a chance to rebuild his reputation after that performance by just shaking Furys hand. At least he made a statement after congratulating Fury.
I don't mind Wilder, he talks a lot of rubbish and his excuses were annoying but he showed a lot of heart last week and watching him knock over 40 tomato cans was fairly entertaining. How he started his boxing career to provide for his disabled daughter was good.
Couple of things that really did annoy me about Wilder was he tried to make the Fury fight about race which is wrong and all that talk of wanting a body on his record was disgusting.

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20 Oct 2021 16:29:29
This is why I'm always so miffed when you have a dig at Whyte mate.

- Wilder has held the WBC belt hostage even when he was beaten clinically he still forced through a rematch.
- He's scuppered undisputed 4 times.
- Used other peoples names to build his own profile.
- He's fought absolutely no one of note except Fury and you could argue Ortiz who is older than the pyramids but still beat Wilder up over 2 fights before being KO'd.
- Ducked anyone with a pulse.
- Bring up race for no apparent reason.
- Punches a mascot on live TV with full power and proceeded to pose like a movie martial artist even though the guys jaw fell off and his eyes were still rolling.

Best of all, he has surgery after every single fight which means he gets a medical exemption for rehabilition steroids, then happily calls out other people for PEDs.

Wilder is just a flat out dick head and there is no other way to put it.

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11 Oct 2021 17:13:36
Who do you think Fury will fight next? I would like to see him fight Whyte but I can't see it happening. Got big John Fury saying what he said today but I also think that Fury likes America. He likes training there being there and most importantly he likes fighting there and I think they will use the fact that Whyte is not a name in America to not face him.

Andy Ruiz is a name he could face but imo it's a tricky fight. Still think Fury would win but it's a tough fight for him and one he could see as high risk low reward.

I think he's praying for an Otto Wallin win. Easy enough defence and he has some sort of name in America which they could sell.

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11 Oct 2021 19:05:41
The WBC have been talking about Dillian Whyte fighting Fury, so I think providing he beats Wallin he'll get his shot finally.

Going on what I last saw from both Whyte and Wallin, Whyte should win with a stoppage in the later rounds. Wallin has a very limited gas tank but reasonable boxing skills, so if Wallin is to win it will likely be early on.

Andy Ruiz won't be fighting Fury any time soon, Not after the way Arreloa beat him up early on. He's with the right camp though and should improve a lot, so I'm sure we will see Ruiz fighting for a title again in the next few years but not just yet.

I think you are right about America though. The WBC are very keen to keep the belt on American soil, seldom do you see the WBC heavyweight world title leave American soil.

You can see that aside from the Vitali Klitschko reign, it's always been based in America, with the odd fight being sanctioned for abroad.

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10 Oct 2021 20:26:07
wow that was a brilliant fight last night. I also thought respect to wilder or hanging in there and showing some heart the way he did towards the end but then the respect for him went right out the window post fight when he didn't even acknowledge fury after the fight.

at the end of the day the best man won and he should have acknowledged that.

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11 Oct 2021 00:00:55
Hopefully he retires.

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10 Oct 2021 06:41:56
That was a brutal finish. Got what you wanted Deontay, what excuses you have for us now? Did Malik Scott spike your water, or maybe Fury slept with your wife?


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10 Oct 2021 13:29:06
Hats off to both men was an excellent fight. Fury was brilliant on the inside but it was his left jab that won that for him and his guts. a lot of men wouldn't have got through that 4th round, Fury's fittness and recovery powers are outstanding. Hope he fights Whyte next.

Think Wilder will retire now. I hope not as I still want to see him fight Aj and Whyte but think his ego won't let him stick around.

The heavyweight division is back.

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10 Oct 2021 16:25:08
Fury seems to defy logic, he looks out of shape and overweight, and his legs are skinny for a man his size.
But his fitness is good, his size seems to help him soak up the punishment, and he is a very good boxer.
He’s got to be the most unathletic looking world champion outside of darts lol.

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05 Oct 2021 01:15:30
guys predictions for the fury/ wilder fight?
i think fury will start fast again like last time
and even get rid of wilder quicker to.

but if somehow wilder wins, (hopefully not) then we will have fury/ wilder 4 to look forward to sometime next year lol.

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05 Oct 2021 18:06:49
was also saying to friends that I wonder what the excuses from wilder will be this time if fury does another job on him?
seriously though I think if its the same as the last fight, ( which I think it will be and be over quicker) then wilder needs to call it a day.
i said he should have called it a day after the load of bs excuses he came out with.

i do also hope that whyte get's a shot at the wbc belt after this to.

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06 Oct 2021 13:29:38
Think if we look at the 2 fights already, Fury has used two styles. Box and move and aggression front foot pressure. We seen that Wilder had some success against the boxer style but was clueless when backed up and pressured. I agree with you that Fury will start on the front foot but it will be controlled aggression coming in behind his long jab. I'll go for a Fury win on points possibly later stoppage.

All depends on how wilder performs on how he goes forward. They could have taught him some new tricks on how to set the right hand up and worked on his stamina but I don't think he can come with anything Fury hasn't seen or dealt with b4.

I wouldn't mind seeing Wilder v Aj still. Or Whyte.

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26 Sep 2021 11:52:30
wow what a performance by usyk last night, that was a proper boxing performance all through the fight I only had aj winning 3 or 4 rounds at best.
and I think if there was another minute or so left in the 12th when usyk really stuck it on him he may have finished him.
and I was wrong on the fight outcome to I said to friends before the fight I reckon aj will stop usyk late.
i think the problem with aj is that he can't handle it and doesn't know what to do when someone is really putting it on him as we saw when he first fought ruiz.
and imo I don't see aj winning a rematch with usyk.

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26 Sep 2021 15:20:45
Said for a long time, Usyk will beat AJ. When I saw the result I watched the fight.

AJ can win the rematch but he needs to actually fight him, rather than try to out skill a guy who's skill ceiling is much higher than his. It's like me trying to run faster than an F1 car can drive.

He needs to do what Chisora did in the opening round against Usyk, but pin him into a corner and just let your hands go.

Also, Joshua just can't take punches. He's getting hurt badly by someone who in comparison to him is feather fisted.

Also you have to question his desire now. He's made 4 attempts to make the undisputed fight, 3 against Wilder and 1 against Fury, none of them happened and now he's lost his belts again. Is he going to have the motivation to do it again? Especially against a guy that completely outclassed him.

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26 Sep 2021 16:14:56
your right he just can't take punches that's why I said he has no idea what to do and can't handle it when its being put on him.
also yes he does need to actually fight him in the rematch because there is no way on earth he will outbox usyk.

the thing I've been thinking now is if say joshua loses the rematch is it game over for aj? because will he have the desire to take possibly 2 or 3 more fights to get back in contention for the belts?
surely if he loses again he's way down the pecking order for title fights again?

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26 Sep 2021 18:13:54
To be honest with you this is one of bigger reasons I just stopped watching and caring about Boxing.

There were 4 chances to make undisputed, all 4 times AJ was the one pushing for it and all 4 times he had it ripped away from him. I really feel for the guy because he's the only one that ever truly wanted it. Wilder is just an absolute joke and the stunt that Fury and his team pulled is just unforgivable.

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27 Sep 2021 09:50:03
Yes he needs to let his hands go and use his strength and weight to his advantage. Crazy trying to outbox Usyk, its like since the Ruiz fight Aj has become very cautious, trying to box people, which for a gold medallist he was never very good at in the first place.

The belts have become a burden last while. I want to see the best fight the best whether there is a belt on the line or not. Going to be hard for Aj to get Fury fight now especially with no belt but him Wilder could be easier to make, depending that Fury beats him next month.

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30 Sep 2021 01:40:53
AJ really should look at changing his trainer. Someone like Freddy Roach would bring a lot more out of him.

Joshua is a good Boxer, he has a decent jab a very good right hand, good punch variation and very good at combination punching. However what he does is little more than basic, it's not creative or unpredictable. Don't get me wrong, he does the basics very well it's just if you want to be 'great' you need to be able to do more than just the basics.

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01 Oct 2021 18:13:41
What about the scoring from Harold Foster? 115-113, so if Joshua won the last he was scoring the fight a draw. He give Aj the first round and 5 rounds the whole fight, imo he won 1 maybe 2 at max.

The Campbell Hatton decision earlier in the night was a robbery.

Also, I watched the fight on Sky and Callum Smith floored Castillo and his leg started twitching they didn't show the replay and the commentators were very respectful, unlike DAZN commentary team and Todd Grimshaw in particular who I read screamed "his (Castillo's) body is no longer working! " Very disrespectful.

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02 Oct 2021 03:33:24
Another one of the big reasons I've fallen out with Boxing. At least he still scored it a win for Usyk I guess but yes, atrocious score card.

I didn't watch any of the other fights, seen a lot of people saying Hatton was gifted a win though and it doesn't surprise me.

To be fair to Sky they have been respectful in that sense in recent years, I remember when Whyte sent Lucas Browne into another dimension, they didn't replay it and kept repeating that they're hoping he's alright.
I will be honest, I thought Lucas Browne was dead. When people get knocked out they usually start breathing deep and heavily which Lucas Browne wasn't. So in that sense I am thankful that they didn't replay it etc.

DAZN have the potential to take over the whole sport, but they have such awful, awful presentation. The commentators are totally useless, the set is ugly, the analysis is a joke and the only saving grace is that the cost per month is so cheap.

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25 Sep 2021 23:23:34
Wow, that was amazing. What I fighter I take my hat off. Brilliant boxing. That was proper boxing. What a performance.

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25 Sep 2021 21:55:34
Time to rock. Best of luck lads. I have the mega fight feel about ne now, c'mon that's see a cracker. Aj points my bet but cheating on Usyk.

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23 Sep 2021 11:59:43
Any predictions for the Aj Vs Usyk fight at the weekend?
I think Usyk will feel the power of Aj early and become very negative and happy to survive just. Going for Joshua points win.

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