11 Oct 2021 17:13:36
Who do you think Fury will fight next? I would like to see him fight Whyte but I can't see it happening. Got big John Fury saying what he said today but I also think that Fury likes America. He likes training there being there and most importantly he likes fighting there and I think they will use the fact that Whyte is not a name in America to not face him.

Andy Ruiz is a name he could face but imo it's a tricky fight. Still think Fury would win but it's a tough fight for him and one he could see as high risk low reward.

I think he's praying for an Otto Wallin win. Easy enough defence and he has some sort of name in America which they could sell.

1.) 11 Oct 2021
11 Oct 2021 19:05:41
The WBC have been talking about Dillian Whyte fighting Fury, so I think providing he beats Wallin he'll get his shot finally.

Going on what I last saw from both Whyte and Wallin, Whyte should win with a stoppage in the later rounds. Wallin has a very limited gas tank but reasonable boxing skills, so if Wallin is to win it will likely be early on.

Andy Ruiz won't be fighting Fury any time soon, Not after the way Arreloa beat him up early on. He's with the right camp though and should improve a lot, so I'm sure we will see Ruiz fighting for a title again in the next few years but not just yet.

I think you are right about America though. The WBC are very keen to keep the belt on American soil, seldom do you see the WBC heavyweight world title leave American soil.


You can see that aside from the Vitali Klitschko reign, it's always been based in America, with the odd fight being sanctioned for abroad.