05 Oct 2021 01:15:30
guys predictions for the fury/ wilder fight?
i think fury will start fast again like last time
and even get rid of wilder quicker to.

but if somehow wilder wins, (hopefully not) then we will have fury/ wilder 4 to look forward to sometime next year lol.

1.) 05 Oct 2021
05 Oct 2021 18:06:49
was also saying to friends that I wonder what the excuses from wilder will be this time if fury does another job on him?
seriously though I think if its the same as the last fight, ( which I think it will be and be over quicker) then wilder needs to call it a day.
i said he should have called it a day after the load of bs excuses he came out with.

i do also hope that whyte get's a shot at the wbc belt after this to.

2.) 06 Oct 2021
06 Oct 2021 13:29:38
Think if we look at the 2 fights already, Fury has used two styles. Box and move and aggression front foot pressure. We seen that Wilder had some success against the boxer style but was clueless when backed up and pressured. I agree with you that Fury will start on the front foot but it will be controlled aggression coming in behind his long jab. I'll go for a Fury win on points possibly later stoppage.

All depends on how wilder performs on how he goes forward. They could have taught him some new tricks on how to set the right hand up and worked on his stamina but I don't think he can come with anything Fury hasn't seen or dealt with b4.

I wouldn't mind seeing Wilder v Aj still. Or Whyte.