15 Nov 2020 04:25:31
So it looks like Football isn't the only one that really struggles with VAR.

Joshua Franco got his right eye completely jabbed in by Andrew Moloney and it closed, the referee stopped the fight after the 3rd round and declared it a 'No Decision' because of an 'accidental headbutt' They reviewed the footage for 28 minutes and not a single headbutt was found, but they still ruled it as an accidental headbutt.

How can you rob someone of a world title with VAR what an absolute disgrace.

1.) 17 Nov 2020
17 Nov 2020 16:21:51
Teddy goes nuts about it at around 25 minutes.

2.) 19 Nov 2020
19 Nov 2020 11:29:08
One of the reason why Boxing is being moved from Nevada and why fans are moving to the UFC. I hate the whole VAR thing. It has completely put me off football, can't watch a match now without getting annoyed at the decisions they r giving, boxing will be the same. Whoever reviewed that and give that decision needs sacked asap, decision should be overturned. Daylight corruption and robbery.

3.) 20 Nov 2020
20 Nov 2020 03:35:57
To be honest mate, I don't think VAR is the issue. I think the issue is two things, the rules surrounding VAR and the people who are making the decisions.

The replays were sufficient enough to show that there was no headbutt. They even showed the punch that closed his eye numerous times. It was clearly corruption that made the decision, it can't be stupidity it just can't.

The sport needs gutting to be honest.