17 Jun 2019 08:40:29
What are eds / people's thoughts on the physical condition of a lot of the heavyweights recently, they look like out-of-condition truck drivers?
Fury is a very good boxer, no doubt, but his skinny legs and jelly waist, doesn't exactly look athletic.
If the guy *really* got into shape, he'd be scary.
But it doesn't say a lot for the division when he's top dog?

{Ed001's Note - there has always been a fair amount of that in the heavyweight division to be honest. It is just that there has usually been one or two (or more) top class guys above them.}

1.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 15:58:31
There is no weight limit in heavyweight boxing and they aye such big men, a lot of them just eat too much.

Although there can be strategic thinking behind a heavyweight coming in overweight. The heavier you are the harder your punching power is going to be, also if you are fighting a more skillful fighter the extra weight gives u the advantage of being stronger in the clinches.

As long as a fighter is fit enough to carry it, a little extra weight can be useful, if not fit enough they r sitting ducks.
No excuse for a fighter coming in massively overweight though.

2.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 21:00:01
I’d say fury is in great shape and all body types are different. No matter what fury would never get ripped like Joshua and that’s just genetics. Oddly the ones with the muscles mostly seem less powerful and sometimes slower than the ones without. Mark hunt from the ufc is the perfect example of this. He’s probably the hardest one punch knock out artist going yet has the body of a sumo. That’s not to say he isn’t pure muscle he is but because of genetics it looks had more fat on top.

3.) 18 Jun 2019
18 Jun 2019 00:55:38
Muscles don't mean you can fight. They can help, there is a goldie locks zone for it like there is for life (as we know it) to survive. Too much muscle and you'll look impressive, however you'll be slow and likely gas out after a 3 punch combination. Not enough muscle and your power won't be effective. But with the correct amount you'll be able to balance speed and power to an effective means.

This is all subject to being trained though, as you could have the perfect body type to fight, but can't throw a punch to save your life. Very much like this guy in this video.

It's worth watching to the end, as you get a chance to see what happens when someone who can't fight, picks a fight with someone who most definitely can.

4.) 18 Jun 2019
18 Jun 2019 11:39:50
Why was that guy anywhere near a boxing ring? He should have just went to the barbers then went home.

On a serious note, his trainer or promotional team should have told him he's not a boxer.

5.) 18 Jun 2019
18 Jun 2019 22:49:39
I agree Roro, how he was able to get a boxing license is beyond me. I mean the BBBoC wouldn't give Let's Go Champ (Shannon Briggs) a license to fight in the UK, simply because of his age. Yet there are some pretty good boxers out there that he would still beat, such as David Price, Manuel Charr, Johan Duhaupus, Robert Helenius, plus many more. They might not be champion material (Charr has the WBA Regular title some how), but they're active and not really considered Journeymen (yet) .

Getting back to the original topic, Aside from Joshua and Holyfield, I can't really remember a champion who was as muscle bound as those two.

6.) 19 Jun 2019
19 Jun 2019 11:57:18
Bbboc have handed out some dodgy licences over the years, Freddie flintcroft springs to mind.

Off top of my head most muscle bound heavyweight fighter I can think of, prob frank burno.

7.) 19 Jun 2019
19 Jun 2019 15:57:52
Wow how did I forget Bruno?

8.) 23 Jun 2019
23 Jun 2019 08:44:15
Ken Norton was always in great shape when he was fighting.