02 Jun 2019 04:40:27

1.) 02 Jun 2019
02 Jun 2019 12:16:09
AJ underestimated him. He couldn't work Ruiz out and showed himself lacking mentally as a fighter.
Fury would eat him alive.

2.) 02 Jun 2019
02 Jun 2019 14:18:53
Wow didn’t see that coming. Hats off to Ruiz and fair play to Joshua, took defeat like a man. The rematch will be a very important fight. U called it hsf fair play mate.

3.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 11:00:52
I said a few weeks ago aj is a fraud and an ex juice head. Might be packing all that muscle but he can’t take a punch. Best heavyweight on the planet, 😂 not even the best in London. Imagine what wilder would have done to him!

It was only a few years ago he was sticking his knees up and yelping when fury was teeing off on him In sparring. Don’t believe the hype, that Eddie Hearn must be gutted now his money trains running out.

How rude of him just to interrupt Ruiz interview and say I’m off, who exactly does he think he is? I hope Ruiz knocks him out again.

4.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 12:19:08
Alot of people mostly casual Joshua fans will have already turned against him, I’m not his favourite fan (fury my favourite), but I wouldn’t kick Joshua too much now that he’s down. 6 months time he could have his titles back and Ruiz Jr’s name will go down in history next to Hasham rahman.

For Joshua what worries me is that it wasn’t a one big lucky punch, it was an accumulation of punches that stopped him, still though a sign of a great champion is how they come back from failure, we see now how good Joshua is.

Imo, Joshua needs to concentrate on his boxing instead of being in every commercial on tv these days.

5.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 15:19:57
Arrogance personified roro. Who’s he to come over and interrupt Ruiz talking when he’s just won the world title? Then says I’m off, it’s like he thinks he’s guaranteed the belt. Coward of a man who turned to boxing as he was scared bigger boys were going to get him in jail. Don’t sell drugs and ruin lives then! Sorry but I never have liked the guy and his arrogance and nice guy persona makes me 🤢.

6.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 16:03:08
I know a lot of people Lerchy mate who years ago people would have classed as scumbags but today they r gentlemen, people can change.

Like I said I'm not Joshuas biggest fan, but I wouldn't jump on the band wagon to put him down. (Not saying u r mate, u have always said how u feel about him) .

7.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 17:29:28
Probably a bit harsh roro I can go on one sometimes 😂. You’re dead right there people change so I’m wrong for saying that.

The mic grabbing at the end sums his character up to me though mate, that was his glory and his time to shine. An should have shut up and waited until he was spoken to if he was the humble guy he makes out.

Anyway, fury next another upset there? No chance!

8.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 18:32:47
Your prob right about Joshua grabbing the mic but again he's just lost his world title and was clearly concussed. He should have showed more class. Fury lol, has me in stitches everytime I see him. He showed get class in his tweet to Joshua unlike that plonker wilder.

9.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 19:04:45
That’s because he’s real mate 😁.

10.) 03 Jun 2019
03 Jun 2019 19:41:29
I want to see fury back in tip top shape here on the 15th. He's had enough time now to get rid of the flab.

11.) 04 Jun 2019
04 Jun 2019 20:34:33
Rematch confirmed, Joshua has to win or its the end imo.

12.) 09 Jun 2019
09 Jun 2019 19:04:46
I have met AJ on a few occasions and the haters couldn’t be me wrong about him.
I don’t understand some people in this country they just love to see people fail and they are a disgrace.
Yes he is an ex drug dealer turned his life round and no matter what people think of him as a boxer he won an Olympic gold medal and became heavyweight champion of the world then you get guys who like fury who pooed it from a rematch with WK twice FACT to go on a bender and get coked out his nut and then he said he was giveing all his money from wilder fight to the homeless which he didn’t FACT and people like they guy 🙈.

13.) 10 Jun 2019
10 Jun 2019 09:06:24
Abit hypocritical Gannet, u congratulate Joshua for turning his life around but at the same time ridicule fury for his past mistakes.